Rent Diving Equipment

Rebreather, Sidemount, Full face masks and underwater scooter

ProTec is the only dive organization that has ready for its member’s special equipment on a large scale.
Thanks to the cooperation with well-known manufacturers, we can guarantee the highest quality equipment.


Poseidon Logo Rebreather Poseidon Seven

The Poseidon Rebreather SE7EN, is a well known and, above all, a very safe Rebreather. With its modular system it can be customized for each requirement. ProTec, thanks to ProTec Division Head Florian Vogel, is the first organization who filed the standards for the 100 meter battery and received them.
ProTec currently has 9 Poseidon Rebreather and plans to further increase the number.

The Rebreather can be taken at several locations in Germany. All over Germany we have the appropriate trainers for it.

Do you want to become a Poseidon Rebreather Instructor? Please contact our Training Manager:

Sidemount Equipment

Tecline Logo tecline

Tecline is a relatively young brand, but is a sensation in the diving industry.
The Tecline products are very high quality, yet inexpensively priced, which is rather rare in the diving industry.
In Upstream, the German distributor, we have a competent contact and cooperation works perfectly.
Many of our ProTec Dive Centers are already Tecline dealers and thus we have comprehensive experience.

The Tecline Sidemount system is well configured and can be easily used by Side Mount newcomers. In conjunction with the sidemount Jacket by Tecline we have a great set.
The rental is done incl. 2 80cft Aluminum Stage tanks.

Currently we have 10 sets for rent to our ProTec members.

Full face masks with communication

Oceanreef Logo Neptun Vollgesichtsmaske

The Oceanreef masks have ensured that scuba divers can now enjoy a full face mask even in the early stages. With the new G- Divers series, divers can protect the face from the cold and even breathe through the nose. Water in the integrated mask is no longer an issue, and thanks to the warm air the diver now has fun diving, even in cold water. With additional devices such as the radiotelephone, communication is possible and the Oceanreef products are above all very affordable.

ProTec is currently the only diving organization with a User Manual for this mask and with Azenor as sales partner we have a very good contact in the German speaking areas.

ProTec has 13 full-face masks in different versions, all with radio telephone for rent. In addition to two surfaces communication units there is also access to other gear.

Divingscooter / DPV

Divertug Logo Scooter Divertug

Gladly one thing used other than its purpose. The Divertug Cave edition Scooter is very well suited to bridge long distances or just to have fun.

Nice to see when the divers emerge after the dive with the scooter, grinning.
Divertug scooters are equipped with modern elements and in addition to a high runtime they have a thrust which is unmatched.

We currently have 7 Scooter for rent, but plan for the next year, due to high demand, to increase this to 17 Divertug Cave Edition Scooter.