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    Henrys Cove Dive CenterRoatan: There are going to be photos in the beginning, Caribbean sandy beaches, warm water, coloured fishes, coral reef, feeling of reggae, rum and wanderlust
    Henrys Cove Dive Center is located directly on the (Caribbean) sea. It has its own marina, sandy beach, possibilities for diving, swimming, snorkelling and relaxing.
    The dive sites are within a reach of 3 to 30 minutes by boat. There are 2 customized dive boats for divers to get to the dive site.
    Roatan is a year-round destination, and offers all year water temperatures between 26 and 30°C. The annual average visibility is 30m and more. The blue water of the Caribbean presents unforgettable memories. The colourful coral reefs house numberless species of fish, including sharks and rays. This is known as the mesoamerican reef, which is the second biggest barrier reef in the world apart from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It measures a distance from Mexico all along down to Panama. The Bay Islands, which include Roatan, are located directly on top of it. Only a few islands can be proud of that advantage.

    Henrys Cove Dive Center is managed by Kerstin Gahl and Andres Lenz. The two Germans are very experienced in the diving business and have fulfilled a long-time dream in Roatan. The paradisiacal conditions and countless dive sites are reasons why they fell in love with the region. Go diving with them at Church Wall and enjoy the view into the deep, where the corals are getting lost and in which sponges are glued like pots on the coast, while the parrotfishes and hogfishes are circling nearby, the butterflyfishes are roving around with angel fishes, sometimes hiding in the reef, whenever a barracuda is getting to close or a nurse shark is on its patrol.
    The Diamond Rock is really beautiful. There are large areas of table corals and sea fans, which are home to hawkfishes and scorpionfishes. Even aulostaomus are living in those coral reefs, even though they are overlooked many times, that’s why it’s a lot more exciting and beautiful to have discovered one. Spotfin-butterflyfishes are swimming in pairs through the water, accompanied by yellowtail damselfish, who are searching for shelter in the corals by sight of an enemy. However the eagle ray is not interested in the yellowtail damselfish.

    Henrys Cove Dive Resort, in which the dive center is located, is completely refurnished. All rooms and cabanas have also been renovated and furnished to a modern style. Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the resort and also has mobile networks coverage. The resort has its own independent water supply and is beautifully embedded in the neighbouring forest.
    Here you will enjoy the silence surrounded by nature, far away from the areas of intensive tourism in the southwest of the island.
    In the evenings you can meet other guests and divers in the pool bar, where you can swap diving stories and relax, taking in the environment with the anticipation of your next dive.
    Welcome to the Caribbean!

    Henrys Cove Dive Center
    Punta Gorda
    34101 Roatan, Islas de la Bahia
    Phone: +504 9430-6776
    Languages: spanisch, english, french, german