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There are many reasons to become a ProTec instructor!

You want to turn your hobby into a profession?

Who would not like to make money with work one enjoys. This naturally involves knowledge and skills that we teach you in a ProTec Instructor Development Course (IDC). We want to ensure that your dream comes true. It is not uncommon for managers to follow the path into the dive industry to escape their grim routine.

You feel your current association is not the right place for you and you want to switch to ProTec?

As ProTec instructor you don’t disappear into the crowd. Thanks to regional managers and country partners, we have a comprehensive net of contacts that are all committed and competent. In addition to ProTec there are a few other good diving organizations, but there are many reasons to opt for Protec:


You want to travel foreign countries and learn languages?

As a ProTec Instructor you can work worldwide. We are an internationally recognized diving organization and are represented in many countries with dive centers. At the end of your study you could travel abroad and instead of working as a seasonal worker work as an instructor.

You enjoy teaching others and you want to share your hobby?

The reason why someone wants to become a ProTec instructor is not always financial. In clubs and associations, you can pass your knowledge safely and with joy. Or you can help at a dive center as a freelancer and earn your equipment this way.

You yourself want to learn more about diving?

The step to become an instructor also means that you will be trained in rhetoric and public speaking. A skill that can be used in other situations in your life too.
Instructors usually have a safe and competent appearance.

There are certainly other reasons to become a ProTec instructor. Find out with your next partner country or regional manager, where and when the next IDC will take place.

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